Never Hear The End Of It



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2007, Yep Roc

One of the most successful Canadian bands of the last fifteen years, Sloan has now finished its eighth studio album, Never Hear the End of It. Yet another Sloan serving of august and finely crafted rock, Never Hear the End of It is also thirty tracks long. You heard me. Thirty. From pop masterpieces like "Who Taught You to Live Like That" (which clocked the highest number of first week downloads in iTunes history upon its Canadian release), to the unforgettable "Listen to the Radio," this album could, for any other band, be close to three perfect records. Throughout their critically lauded career (including a recent tour with The Rolling Stones), Sloan has managed to share songwriting duties between all members and never have a single change in line-up. Records like Never Hear the End of It are the reason Sloan have remained valid for so long.


Disc 1
1 Flying High Again
2 Who Taught You to Live Like That?
3 I've Gotta Try
4 Everybody Wants You
5 Listen to the Radio
6 Fading into Obscurity
7 I Can't Sleep
8 Someone I Can Be True With
9 Right or Wrong
10 Something's Wrong
11 Ana Lucia
12 Before the End of the Race
13 Blackout
14 I Understand
15 You Know What It's About
16 Golden Eyes
17 Can't You Figure It Out?
18 Set in Motion
19 Love Is All Around
20 Will I Belong?
21 Ill Placed Trust
22 Live the Life You're Dreaming Of
23 Living with the Masses
25 People Think They Know Me
26 I Know You
27 Last Time in Love
28 It's Not the End of the World
29 Light Years
30 Another Way I Could Do It

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