New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection



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2013, Lil' Beethoven

llowing the release of their box set New Music for Amnesiacs: The Ultimate Collection, Sparks present a condensed, career-spanning double-CD selection entitled New Music for Amnesiacs: The Essential Collection. One of the most influential bands in pop, Sparks have been at the forefront of music for more than four decades, beginning with the glam rock of the early ’70s, through their reinvention as an electronic pop duo collaborating with Giorgio Moroder, to the startling baroque rock / pop of the last decade. Their frequently changing styles and visual presentations have kept them on the cutting edge of modern artful pop music. Ron and Russell Mael are held in esteem by such bands and performers as Morrissey, MGMT, Sonic Youth, Arcade Fire, Björk and Depeche Mode, all of whom have cited Sparks as a major influence.

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