New Wave

Against Me!


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2007, Sire

There is a legion of Against Me! fans who want only for the band's music to sound exactly as it did on Reinventing Axl Rose-- scrappy punk/folk and nothing else. But with as talented a songwriter as Tom Gabel leading the way, it's ridiculous to think that the band would be satisfied complying. Growth is necessary; change is inevitable. In the case of New Wave, different doesn't automatically mean bad. As their first album on major label Sire, it's a straight-up rock record. Especially thanks to Butch Vig in the production seat, New Wave is crisp, direct, and sharp. It's clean, but not glossy; it's defiant; it's brash; it's heartfelt. And while it's true that New Wave doesn't initially hit with the same force as prior albums, a few spins later and the record has found its footing and sinks in brilliantly. -All Music Guide


Disc 1
1 New Wave
2 Up the Cuts
3 Thrash Unreal
4 White People for Peace
5 Stop!
6 Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart
7 Piss and Vinegar
8 Americans Abroad
9 Animal
10 Ocean

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