Nmperign is an experimental improvisation group formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998. The idea for the group came when soprano saxophonist bhob rainey decided to embark upon an ambitious cross-country tour, choosing trumpeter Greg Kelley and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani as his travelmates. The three, who had been playing together in various groups for a number of months prior (most notably with multi-instrumentalist Masashi Harada), then began rehearsing regularly as a trio and recorded their first album at Studio 7A West in Charlestown, Massachusetts that summer. The album was released as [album]44'38"/5[/album] by the Twisted Village label and the group began their 6 week cross country tour in November of that year. 2 weeks into the tour nmperign became a duo, with Nakatani departing for personal reasons.

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