No Shouts, No Calls



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2007, Too Pure

Following Rock It To The Moon (2001), Power Out (2004), and Axes (2005), there seems to be a new kind of light shining on Electrelane that remains strong throughout this record, but the willingness to push the envelope hasn't left the band either. No Shouts No Calls is an album of enticingly irregular brilliance. The album is alive with Electrelane's signature impassioned organ melodies, primal drum beats, rhythmic bass and weaving guitar riffs, but there's an underlying softness present. Where the last album offered edge and experimentation and The Power Out before it being Electrelane's first vocal offering, where lyrics wavered over cinematic soundscapes, No Shouts No Calls is a collection of eleven, strong, infectious and individual songs.


Disc 1
1 Greater Times
2 To the East
3 After the Call
4 Tram 21
5 In Berlin
6 At Sea
7 Between the Wolf and the Dog
8 Saturday
9 Five
10 Cut and Run
11 Lighthouse

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