Nothing Hurts

Male Bonding

Vinyl LP

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2010, Sub Pop Records

VINYL FORMAT. Emerging from the fertile D.I.Y. rock scene in Dalston, a gentrification-proof London neighborhood with ample "lo-fi" bands and Turkish restaurants, noise-pop trio Male Bonding plays fast. Nothing Hurts, the band's first full-length, gets it done in half an hour, and most songs clock in at around two minutes. But, there's much more to Male Bonding than high-speed, high-impact punk. If you will know their velocity, you will remember their melodies. Every song on Nothing Hurts, whether a clipped, snarling rock anthem ("All Things This Way," "Crooked Scene," "Pumpkin") or something more foggy and contemplative ("Franklin," "Worse to Come"), carries a hook that's immediate and permanent. Nothing Hurts was recorded in the fall of 2009 in New York and mixed and mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound.


Disc 1
1 Year's Not Long
1 YearÆs Not Long
2 All Things This Way
3 Your Contact
4 Weird Feelings
5 Franklin
6 Crooked Scene
7 T.U.F.F.
8 Nothing Remains
9 Nothing Used to Hurt
10 Pirate Key
11 Paradise Vendors
12 Pumpkin
13 Worse to Come

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