Grace and Tony

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2013, Rock Ridge Music

She played bluegrass. He played punk. When Grace Shultz and Tony White met, they fell in love and the music followed. Exposed to music early on by family (Grace liked the Southern styles from gospel all the way to rock, while Tony learned from his brother, John Paul White of The Civil Wars fame), Grace & Tony experimented with a blend of genres, punk, folk, bluegrass and Texas swing, to create, 'Punkgrass'. Since their first EP release, doors have opened by headlining the historic Crockett Theater and performing on the 'Daytrotter Sessions,' Balcony TV, and Knoxville's 'Blue Plate Special'.


Disc 1
1 Hey Grace, Hey Tony (Album)
2 Holy Hand Grenade (Album)
3 November (Album)
4 The Chameleon (Album)
5 Can We Save This? (Album)
6 Electricity Bomb (Album)
7 Where Emma Meets John (Album)
8 Resonate (Album)
9 Grassphemy (Album)
10 From Me To Me (Album)
11 La Carrera (Album)

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