Nursing Home

Let's Wrestle


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2011, Merge Records

Nursing Home, the second album by Let's Wrestle, was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini. With themes that include being trapped in the suburbs and dancing boys on drugs, the band show that their view of the world is the same, they've just put on some darker sunglasses. Let's Wrestle may have lost some of their naivety lyrically, but it's certainly still there. If you ask singer Wesley Patrick Gonzalez what the record sounds like he'll tell you Thin Lizzy and The Cars, which is true to some extent. The record is heavier than its predecessor, maybe due to Albini's engineering, but the underlying melody displayed previously remains, with the few quiet songs on Nursing Home being perhaps the most poignant the band have recorded. Let's Wrestle have grown up and reckon they're heavier and depressed but they're still laughing on the inside.


Disc 1
1 In Dreams Part II
1 In Dreams, Pt. 2
2 If I Keep on Loving You
3 In the Suburbs
4 Bad Mammaries
5 Dear John
6 For My Mother
7 I'm So Lazy
8 There's a Rockstar in My Room
9 I Forgot
10 I Am Useful
11 I Will Not Give In
12 Getting Rest

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