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2012, Vice Records

VINYL FORMAT. If 2012 really is the end, the members of OFF! are determined to go out kicking and/or screaming. But preferably both. As such, they've written their first "proper" full-length for release in May via Vice Records. Simply and effectively entitled OFF! and once again featuring cover art courtesy of the always-masterful Pettibon, the record was written and recorded at lightning speed, the only speed at which OFF! know how to operate.


Disc 1
1 Wiped Out
2 I Got News For You
3 Elimination
4 Cracked
5 Wrong
6 Borrow And Bomb
7 Toxic Box
8 Man From Nowhere
9 Jet Black Girls
10 King Kong Brigade
11 Harbor Freeway Blues
12 Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt
13 Vaporized
14 503
15 Zero For Conduct
16 I Need One (I Want One)

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