Olly Oxen Free

Mason Proper


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2008, Dovecote

Insound Staff Pick - 2008! Olly Oxen Free, Mason Proper's second 2008 release after their similarly excellent digital EP Shorthand, could hardly fit more brilliance and understated creativity into its ten songs. Bandleader and wispy-voiced lyricist Jonathan Visger weaves us into entrancingly experimental post-pop music that sorta recalls indie greats The Dismemberment Plan, Menomena and Islands. Additional touches of horns on "Downpour" or a child's voice on "Point A to Point B" create a full-bodied experience, one that will envelop the listener and carry them into a new, off kilter universe. -absolutepunk,net


Disc 1
1 Fog
2 Point a to Point B
3 Lock and Key
4 Only a Moment
5 Out Dragging the River
6 In the Mirror
7 Downpour
8 Shiny
9 Alone
10 Safe for the Time Being

Customer Reviews


3 reviews

Elizabeth Bloem
<i>Olly Oxen Free</i> is unlike anything I've ever heard and like everything I've heard before. It's completely unique, yet you can listen to it and hear familiarity. It's as if all the band's musical influences were thrown in a pot and boiled on a stove on high--and the outcome was a totally different, unpredictable, and magical set of songs. It's dark, it's happy, it's funny, it's light, it's heavy, and it's worth every penny.
J. Fuller


Dark, witty, lovely, sad, happy, creepy, introspective, funky.....everything.

It can (and will) please many people who like different types of music... it's own thing not to be stuffed neatly into any one genre. It's a little of this and a little of that from all eras and genre's of music---the outcome being it is completely and utterly unique.

You absolutely will not regret picking this album up
Adam N.
Since the first time I saw Mason Proper live, and heard their first record <i>There Is A Moth In Your Chest</i>, I knew they were a band who I could trust to always create interesting music and to push themselves into new territory, so I wasn't at all surprised to hear how much they had progressed in only a year with their second album <i>Olly Oxen Free</i>. Every song is its own world, yet they all the separate stories work together in odd ways. Not only are vocals top notch, guitars unique, effects not over the top while still remaining interesting, the lyrics are brilliant; sometimes funny, sometimes dark, and often confusing in a way that leaves you guessing and looking for more clues. I would recommend it to all fans of music who are looking for something that will stand the test of time.

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