Ooga Boogas

Ooga Boogas

Vinyl LP

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2013, Aarght!

VINYL FORMAT. Yes, the Melbourne all- star quartet known as the Ooga Boogas have returned with a long-overdue second LP, simple called Ooga Boogas. With cryptic yet handsome artwork from BARBRA LINDSTROM (drummer Per Bystrom's Swedish aunt), Ooga Boogas is a mysterious beast indeed. Featuring tracks such as "Sex In The Chill Zone," "Circle Of Trust" and "The Studio Of My Mind," it's a strange blend of lyrical observations on the banality of 21st- century life combined with a musical score which encompasses everything from garage punk to boogie to synth-heavy new wave.


Disc 1
1 Circle of Trust
2 Archie & Me
4 Oogie Boogie II (The Hobo Howedown)
5 Mind Reader
6 It Is a Sign
7 Sex in the Chillzone
8 The Studio of My Mind
9 Ecstasy
10 A Night to Remember

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