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2001, Tigerbeat6

The title says it all. The unbelievable follow up to 19 year old boy wonder Cex's smash hit full length Role Model. Five new hook fueled hiphop emo-idm tracks that showcase a daring new sound Cex has been working on in preparation for his next full length due to drop in the fall, a slamming techno remix of 'Theme Song to Cex' by Electric Company (Tigerbeat6, Planet-Mu), a daring electrofunk remix of 'Love Cop' by Team Doyobi (Skam) and to top it all off an alarming cover of DMX's 'Whats My Name' recorded live at the Knitting Factory in NYC, possibly the highlight of Cex's anthemic ass shaking and crowd pleasing live shows, captured here for everyone to be able to enjoy the live cex experience in the privacy of there own home.


Disc 1
1 (You're) Off the Food Chain
2 Eleven Million Dollars Worth of Bearer Bonds
3 Destination: Sexy
4 First for Wounds
5 I Said It Knowing Full Well I Had No Intention of Doing It
6 Texas Menstruates
7 It's All About Guilt
8 Flex on Cex, Eh
9 I Don't Think You Do Sin, Julia
10 Florida (Is Shaped Like a Big Droopy Dick for a Reason)
11 OD'd on First Base
12 Keep Pretending
13 Not Trying
14 After #4 Matrix Sndtrk. Rob D 'Clubbed to Death'

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