Open Season



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2006, Interscope

Over the last 2 years, Feist has been touring the globe non-stop in support of her critically acclaimed album Let It Die, introducing it to new audiences one show at a time and winning over legions of fans everywhere. It's natural that early adopters are restless for a new release and that role has been filled by Open Season, a generous 15-track collection of remixes, reworkings, and collaborations. Let It Die's sparse rhythms, roomy arrangements, and seamless genre-blending make it ripe for re-tooling and have the benefit of collaborations and remixes by Postal Service, Jane Birkin, Gonzales, Mocky, k-os and more. Throughout it all, Feist has managed to keep her unmistakable sound in tact while exploring adventurous remixes and collaborations, serving only to again spotlight the strengths she's had all a long.


Disc 1
1 One Evening (Gonzales Solo Piano) PLAY
2 Inside+Out (Apostle of Hustle UnMix) PLAY
3 Mushaboom (Mocky Mix) PLAY
4 Gatekeeper (One Room One Hour Mix) PLAY
5 Lonely Lonely (Frisbee'd Mix) PLAY
6 Mushaboom (k-os Mix) PLAY
7 Snow Lion (with Readymade FC) PLAY
8 Tout Doucement PLAY
9 The Simple Story (with Jane Birkin) PLAY
10 Lovertits (with Gonzales) PLAY
11 Mushaboom (Postal Service Mix) PLAY
12 Gatekeeper (Do Right Mix) PLAY
13 One Evening (VV Mix) PLAY
14 When I Was A Young Girl (VV Mix) PLAY
15 Mushaboom (VV Mix) PLAY

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