Orenda Fink

Orenda Fink (born September 18, 1975 in Birmingham, Alabama) is a musician, composer and singer closely associated with the Saddle Creek label, and probably best known as half of Azure Ray with Maria Taylor. She is also a former member of Now It's Overhead.

She released her full first full-length solo album, Invisible Ones, on August 23rd, 2005. A rockier affair than the measured etheriality of Azure Ray, or Maria Taylor's first solo album, it yielded the single Bloodline which bears a passing resemblance to Belly.

From the touring band she formed to promote Invisible Ones arose Art in Manila, who have so far released one album, Set the Woods on Fire.

The most recent of her many projects is O+S, a collaboration with longtime friend Cedric LeMoyne (aka Scalpelist) from the band Remy Zero, which has so far yielded one self-titled a...


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