Our Brother The Native

Our Brother The Native are two young Americans; Josh Bertram and Chaz Knapp, who have been working together as a unit since 2005, and whom FatCat stumbled upon towards the end of 2005. Having checked out a link to their site on Myspace.com, and instantly liking what was heard, they got in touch with the band and the debut they were currently writing just fell into their laps.

In his sophomore year, Josh met John Michael, who was then a senior. Realizing that they had similar musical tastes, they quickly became great friends, went to a lot of shows and listened to music non-stop together, eventually starting to play together. Not much happened until the following summer, when they finally got some equipment. John Michael started making some beats on a drum machine, and Josh picked up his banjo and they started to jam, and that was the...


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