P.O.S. (born Stefon Alexander) is an alternative hip-hop musician from Minnesota. He is a also a member of the alternative rap collective Doomtree. His rapping style is heavily influenced by punk bands such as Kid Dynamite, Black Flag and Fugazi.

Alexander began playing punk rock in middle school. He started rapping in his mid-teens, and has combined his love of the genres to create himself a category. In 2004, the midwest hip hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment re-released his debut, Ipecac Neat and his sophomore release, Audition, in 2006. 2009 brings us Never Better, the newest album from P.O.S, out on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

P.O.S is an original artist, combining heartfelt and meaningful lyrics with powerful melodies on various instruments. P.O.S is also a member of Doomtree and Building Better Bombs and Cadillac Blindside.




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