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Parquet Courts

Vinyl 3xLP

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2013, Play Pinball/What’s Your Rupture?

Insound exclusive bundle of Parquet Court vinyl titles “American Specialties”, “Light Up Gold”, and “Tally All The Things That You Broke”!

American Specialties (2013, Play Pinball):

American Specialties is a much stranger collection of recordings than their incredible (official) debut LP, Light Up Gold, but it's equally as pleasing. That awesome (but a little messy) tape was sent to Play Pinball's tried and true pal, David Willingham, at The Echo Lab in Denton to work his magic and boy howdy, this remaster sounds better than hoped.

Light Up Gold (2013, What’s Your Rupture?):

Comes with a digital download! Little was said about New York (via Texas) band Parquet Courts' debut effort, American Specialties. Released exclusively on cassette tape, the quasi-album was an odd collection of 4 track recordings that left those who were paying attention wanting more. A year of wood shedding live sets passed before the Courts committed another song to tape. The band's first proper LP, Light Up Gold, is a dynamic and diverse foray into the back alleys of the American DIY underground. Bright guitars swirl serpentine over looping, groovy post-punk bass lines and drums that border on robotic precision. While the initial rawness of the band's early output remains, the songwriting has gracefully evolved. Primary wordsmiths A. Savage and Austin Brown combine for a dynamic lyrical experience, one part an erudite overflow of ideas, the other an exercise in laid-back observation. Lyrically dense, the poetry is in how it flows along with the melody, often times as locked-in as the rhythm section. Recorded over a few days in an ice-box practice space, Light Up Gold is equally indebted to Krautrock, The Fall, and a slew of contemporaries like Tyvek and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Tally All The Things That You Broke (2013, What’s Your Rupture?):

Tally All The Things That You Broke, a new EP by Parquet Courts is due October 8th on What’s Your Rupture? Tally is far more than a stopgap in between full-lengths; it’s the sound of Parquet Courts stretching out. Opener “You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now,” with its melodic drive and persistent Flutophone running alongside the melody, balances the manic tendencies of “Descend (The Way),” which would have fit on Light Up Gold, and extended rager “The More It Works,” which would fit in a live set between Tyvek and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. “Fall On Yr Face” presents a classic desert trawler, lopsided and tuneful, the sound of the end of a long day. But the day is just beginning for the protagonist of “He’s Seein’ Paths,” junkyard drum loops and doorbell samples framing Andrew Savage’s eight-minute stream-of-consciousness rap about the trials and tribulations of a marijuana delivery service representative, zipping around the city on his bike. Simultaneously the link between Parquet Courts and Ween, or Parquet Courts and Beck, it frames the band coming from a new place, and is a post-millennial NYC anthem, quintessential sounds for anyone who’s ever waited in anticipation of dialing that number, or anyone who’s put on their game face and rode from point A to point B in the snarl of vicious traffic.


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3
1 Her Boyfriend's Band
2 Food Stamps Office
3 Mezzanine
4 American Specialties
5 Other Desert Cities
6 Square States
7 College Chess Circuit
8 Nation Of Islam: Nunavut
9 Largish/Dominant
10 A.M. Reprise (Rebelious Outtake)
11 Tidal Hisses

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