Numerous artists have performed under the moniker "People":

1) An avant-rock duo, consisting of Mary Halvorson of Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant on guitar and lead vocals, and Kevin Shea of Storm and Stress on drums and backing vocals. The music is a dissonant mix of free-jazz-esque drumming and stacatto and complex arrangements. The lyrics cover rather unusual topics, some of theme being complex opaque. The band also utilizes ridiculously long song titles.

2) A Japanese Psychedelic Rock band formed in 1971, who recorded a Buddhist concept album. Guitar god Kimio Mizutani plays guitar on the album.

3){Note: This band is actually called "People!" (with the exclamation mark) and not "People" (without the exclamation point) References to this group should be moved to the entry for "People!"}....



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