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Pepe Deluxé is a Finnish electronic music oriented band, formed in 1996 by DJ Slow (Vellu Maurola) JA-Jazz (Tomi Paajanen) and James Spectrum (Jari Salo) in Helsinki, Finland. They started to experiment with sounds of hip hop, big beat, breakbeat and downtempo. DJ Slow departed the band in 2001 to pursue solo projects. JA-Jazz has been off-duty since 2008. Multi-instrumentalist Paul Malmström became official member of the band in 2008.

Pepe Deluxé live line-up consists of Tommi Lindell (modular synthesizer, vocoder), Miikka Paatelainen (guitar, bass, Theremin), Markku Reinikainen (drums), James Spectrum (mixing, percussions) and Edward Greendanger (VJ).

The band's first release was a song called "Call Me Goldfinger". It was released in 1997 on the "Return of the DJ, Vol. II" scratch-dj compilation album by Bom...


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