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2007, Paw Tracks

Animal Collective member Panda Bear (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) boldly returns with his long-awaited third solo record Person Pitch. Years in the making, Person Pitch marks a dramatic departure from Panda Bear's previous solo record Young Prayer. The acoustic instruments of Young Prayer have been replaced with samplers and electronics. Fusing Panda's dramatic life changes over the past few years (marriage, moving to Lisbon, becoming a father) with his ever-increasing sonic palette (standouts include Caetano Veloso, Berlin Techno, Scott Walker, and Kylie Minogue), Person Pitch is suffused with the kind of feel good modern toe-tapping pop that seems harder and harder to find these days.


Disc 1
1 Comfy in Nautica
2 Take Pills
3 Bros
4 Im Not
5 Good Girl/Carrots
6 Search for Delicious
7 Ponytail

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Jamie Bunker
I am not a fan of Animal Collective so I was quite shocked that I would get into Panda Bear. I expected something a lot more, um, noisier lets say.

Person Pitch is a very good album that could have been great if not for the vast tinkering. "Bros" should have been split into two songs and "Search for Delicious" is a pure throw away track that adds nothing to the album. All that said, the Beach Boys influenced vocals and melodies combined with the electronic elements are what makes the album as good as it is. Not great, but definitely one of the better albums released this year.
Kaitlin Butler
I love Animal Collective. I love their weirdness, their carefully-nuanced vocals, their layer upon layer of crazed sound. But I think the thing that I loved most about them is their ultimate refusal to give up their pop sensibilities and devotion to melody-which is precisely why I like Person Pitch so much.
Panda Bear, a member of that New York quartet, has often been labeled the group's ''pop guy''; this album perhaps places him as one of the best pop guys in the business today. I'm not talking about the Britney/Christina/Jessica vein of pop, of course, but instead of the sumptuous pop of the 60s, the stuff of the Paul McCartneys and Rod Argents and Brian Wilsons. One of my friends, in fact, swore she heard Brian Wilson's voice rather than Panda Bear's when she played the album, and at times I'm inclined to agree: his voice has an uncanny resemblance to that particular Beach Boy, and Person Pitch picks up right where Pet Sounds left off in its gorgeous layers of texture and playful, personal melodies.
A bit more electronic, a bit more looped, but heavily influenced by the Beach Boys nonetheless. The album glows with sunshine and joyousness, but still retains that level of haunting that has come to be expected from an Animal Collective-related release. It's neat to see the vocals come into play more than in previous Panda Bear and Animal Collective efforts. While he still uses his voice primarily as another instrument to create layers of sound, the lyrics (if you actually try to listen to them!) are stunning. My favorite? I get chills when I hear ''Take Pills'', with its repetitive chorus of ''I don't want for us to take pills anymore''. Said once, it's a nice sentiment, but sparklingly sighed over and over it's one of the most powerful moments on the album.
Person Pitch sounds warm and inviting, almost like a plate of freshly-baked cookies waiting to be devoured. Everyone needs a dose of poppy goodness every once in a while, and for me, I think I'll take my pill in the form of Person Pitch.

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