Peter Jefferies

Peter Jefferies was the towering personality of New Zealand's scene in the second half of the decade.

Peter and his brother Graeme grew up in Stratford, a service town for the local dairy farming area in the verdant Taranaki. They were encouraged in their musical endeavours by their family. Graeme was given a guitar and Peter a drum kit. By 1981, they had formed a band called Nocturnal Projections.

Peter described them as being relentless. Admittedly, they did have an early 80's sound about them but were certainly much better than many of their contemporaries. They borrowed much of their sound from British punk. Comparisons were made to bands like Joy Division. The band broke up after a couple of years, having released a handful of tapes, singles and EP's.

Out of the ashes of Nocturnal Projections, arose, This Kind of Punishment....



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