Philip Jeck

Philip Jeck (born 1952) is an English multimedia composer and choreographer from Liverpool. He is perhaps best known for his work Vinyl Requiem with Lol Sargent (a performance for 180 Dansette record players, 12 slide-projectors and 2 movie-projectors) which won the Time Out Performance Award in 1993. He is signed to the UK label Touch.

Philip Jeck studied Visual Arts at Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England. He began exploring composition using record players and electronics in the early 1980s. He has performed solo shows throughout Europe and in Japan and USA. He has composed and performed scores for dance and theatre companies including Anatomy Performance Co., Yolande Snaith Theatre-dance, Movie'n'Opera (Vienna), Laurie Booth and Steve Paxton. He has also composed scores for dance films Beyond Zero (Channel 4) and Pace (BBC 2)...



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