Picastro began in Toronto in 1997 or 1998 as a acoustic guitar and cello duo. Since then there have been a long list of contributors, some of whom still appear on recordings.

Kurt Newman (guitar), Stephanie Vittas (cello), catl (guitar), Evan Clarke (drums, guitar), Zak Hanna (guitar), Rachel McBride (cello), Owen Pallett (viola, organ, piano), Nick Storring (cello), Brandon Valdivia (drums), Ant Saunders (viola, guitar).

Recordings include contributions to Badaboom Grammaphone #4 (the Russian song “Ochi Chorni, 2001). Greg Weeks is also on it and Six Organs of Admittance. Before that “Gidali” an early Picastro recording appeared Eye of the Beholder vol. 1 on Tract Records. In 2005, “Towtruck” a collaboration with Dwayne Sodahberk appeared on the Wiretapper 13 (June 2005 issue of the Wire) and “Shorter Hard” appeared...


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