Pink Moon (Remastered)

Nick Drake

Vinyl LP

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2012, INgrooves Fontana/Island

VINYL FORMAT. Pressed on audiophile virgin vinyl with the original gatefold sleeve, inner sleeve, paper labels, the promotional shop poster and a facsimile of Nick's handwritten lyrics to four of the songs, all gathered together in a box showing the original master tape box from which the vinyl was mastered. Includes digital download.

On February 25, 1972 Island Records released Nick Drake's third, and what was to be his final, album Pink Moon to a largely disinterested press and public. For 4 years the artist had appeared in various Island catalogs and album samplers as much as an anomaly as an essential purchase. Fans of John Martyn, Fairport and Fotheringay may have investigated Drake's work but his own reluctance to tour or sell his work allowed Drake to slip into the same also-ran bracket as Island's Claire Hamill and Tir Na Nog, legends all. The initial 3000 pressings sold poorly but never quite sold out, and Island kept the title on catalogue up until interest started to grow in Drake in the early 1990s.

Such small interest exploded when Volkswagen used the title track to promote their new Cabriolet in the USA in the late 90s. Drake's poorest-selling album became a best-seller and the interest in all of his tiny canon blossomed. Original scarce first- pressing values soared, allowing inferior counterfeit bootleg vinyl editions to proliferate. 40 years on since its birth USM represents the album in an exactly-replicated vinyl pressing, re-mastered by the original co-producer and engineer; John Wood at Abbey Road.


Disc 1
1 Pink Moon
2 Place to Be
3 Road
4 Which Will
5 Horn
6 Things Behind the Sun
7 Know
8 Parasite
9 Free Ride
10 Harvest Breed
11 From the Morning

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