Pink Skull

Pink Skull began in the summer of 2004 as a project headed up by Julian Grefe (S PRCSS) with his good friends Ian Kelly (DJ Diabolic) and Justin Geller (JG)... Their previous projects were so numerous and profound that they defy a mere casual touching upon, but just to give you a taste:

The transmegetti (Gern Blandsten),Making Time- resident dj's, [click.]-resident dj's, SPRCSS (Frenchkissrecords), Dub Diablo (Disjoint), Aspera (jagjaguwar), RVNG MIX2, The Situation, Moqita (Om Records), GFS (Warner Brothers), etc...

As time went on, Julian culled from the hometown engineering talents of Michael McHenry and Steven Bloodbath; and the musicianship of Jeremy Gewertz, Brian Strahle, and Marc Candidi.

The results of all these collaborations are the forthcoming full length 'BlastYrAkk' and the e.p. 'Unicorn Harpoon', both on Tonearm re...


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