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2014, Relapse Records

Please Explode is the debut full-length from North Carolina's sick and twisted death/grinders Columns. Featuring former members of cult Relapse grinders Hemdale plus current and former members of renowned death metal bands Wretched, Vehemence and Glass Casket, Columns blast and shred their way through 16 tracks of premium Southern grindcore, marinated in a blistering bowl of death metal. These seasoned extreme metal vets seamlessly fuse together rabid vocals and tongue-in-cheek, deviant lyrics with a cacophony of break-neck bursts full of many twists and turns. This is grindcore that is both obscene and extreme.


Disc 1
1 Mudfucker
2 Rattlesnake Steps
3 Punching Nancy Grace
4 Our Creation
5 Vicarious Living
6 Drifter Aftermath
7 The God Clause
8 Bottom Feeders
9 No One's Fucking Waiting
10 Ungrateful
11 What You've Done Is Gone
12 A Blind Fight
13 Harmless Escape
14 A Guilty Bunch
15 Bear Molester
16 Laid off for X-Mas

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