There are at least four artists called PLUG: Luke Francis Vibert from the UK; a blues rock band from the Philippines; Cristian Cárdenas, an electronic musician from Mexico; and a post-punk duo from the UK.

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1) Plug is Luke Francis Vibert. Also known as Wagon Christ, Butler Kiev, Ace Of Clubs, Amen Andrews, Spac Hand Luke and Kerrier District. Luke Vibert is from Cornwall, United Kingdom. His first release was in 1994 as Wagon Christ; he contributed the track 'gas fish' to the 'Volume 9' compilation.

Luke has put records out on Rephlex, Ninja Tune, Virgin/Astralwerks, Law & Auder, Rising High, Blue Planet/Blue Angel, Nothing Records, Cooking Vinyl, Planet Mu, Electro Bunker Cologne, and Mo' Wax, along with compilation appearances on tons of other labels.

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2) PLUG is a band from the Philippin...



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