Port Entropy

Shugo Tokumaru


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2011, Polyvinyl Records

Limited to 2000 copies! Shugo Tokumaru has wowed critics and fans the world over with a sound that draws as much from classic Beatles-esque melodies as his unique spin on Japanese pop. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Shugo Tokumaru is a gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist responsible for producing every sound heard on his records. With Port Entropy, Tokumaru takes the magic of his previous full-length, Exit, and expands on it. Throughout Port Entropy his arrangements soar to new heights - most prominently in the coda of standout track "Lahaha." Conversely, the twinkling piano lullaby "Linne" showcases a quieter, more introspective side of Tokumaru's songwriting.


Disc 1
1 Platform
2 Tracking Elevator
3 Linne
4 Lahaha
5 Rum Hee
6 Laminate
7 River Low
8 Straw
9 Drive-Thru
10 Suisha
11 Orange
12 Malerina

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