Protomartyr is a four piece band from Detroit. Dreads 85 84 (King Boots, Bubba Helms, Cartier Eye Glasses) released on Urinal Cake Records March 2012.
Colpi Proibiti (Baseball Bat, You're With a Creep, The Milk Drinkers, Psychic Doorbell) released on X! Records August 2012.
No Passion All Technique (In My Sphere, Machinist Man, Hot Wheel City, Three Swallows, Free Supper, Jumbo's, Ypsilanti, Too Many Jewels, (Don't You) Call Me Out My Name, How He Lived After He Died, Feral Cats, Wine of Ape, Principalities) released on Urinal Cake Records October 2012.

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