Psychedelic Horseshit

Psychedelic Horseshit are a shitgaze band from Columbus, Ohio. The band usually consists of Matt Whitehurst and Rich Johnston, the former typically playing guitar and always singing, and the latter typically playing drums. They've had many, many bassists, almost nearing the fifteen mark.

The start of the band spawned four different four-track recorded EPs: "King Tubby's Baddness Dub," "Sings the Anti-Concept," "Who Let The Dogs Out," and "Blown Speaker Standards." All of them were homemade CD-R releases that came cased in stapled paper, were emblazoned with rough collages, and "last about as long as it takes to smoke a cigarette—disposable yet undeniably essential."

Sometime after the aforementioned EP's were released, they released their first full-length album, "Magic Flower...


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