Darkside (Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington)

Vinyl 2xLP

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2013, Matador Records

VINYL FORMAT. Darkside is the collaborative duo of critically acclaimed electronic artist Nicolas Jaar and guitarist/composer Dave Harrington. Darkside summon a hybrid of electronic music, psychedelic rock, and dancefloor techno with the sort of artistic depth and breadth for which the term "progressive" was coined. Darkside's first full-length album - released on Nico's own Other People label in conjunction with Matador Records - is called Psychic. Darkside's Psychic is a watershed moment for the duo, a quantum leap forward from their 3-song debut, 2011's Darkside EP.


Disc 1
1 Golden Arrow
2 Sitra
3 Heart
4 Paper Trails
5 The Only Shrine I've Seen
6 Freak, Go Home
7 Greek Light
8 Metatron

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