Don Caballero


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2009, Relapse

As the second album by the new incarnation of Don Caballero, led by the last remaining original member, drum virtuoso Damon Che, Punkgasm finds the band desperately searching for a new direction. Some of the old sensibilities remain, but here they rifle through various styles outside the realm of syncopated interplay, even (gasp!) incorporating songs with vocals. While it's interesting to see them try to break the holding pattern of intricately carved polyrhythms, the trio's try-anything behavior results in a random assortment of songs, some of which will leave old-time fans scratching their heads and wondering, who is this? "Why Is the Couch Always Wet" swims in My Morning Jacket reverb and harmonies, "Celestial Dusty Groove" mimics the choppy indie rock of Jawbox and Shiner, and the titular song that ends the album is a '70s punk throwback to the Fall and P.I.L., complete with snidely squeaked vocals. The good news is that these songs are actually executed quite well, and the group seems to have a chameleon-like ability to impersonate.. -allmusic.com


Disc 1
1 Loudest Shop Vac in the World
2 Irrespective Dick Area
3 Bulk Eye
4 Shit Kids Galore
5 Celestial Dusty Groove
6 Pour You into the Rug
7 Challenge Jets
8 Lord Krepelka
9 Why Is the Couch Always Wet?
10 Slaughbaughs' Ought Not Own Dog Data
11 Dirty Looks
12 Who's a Puppy Cat
13 Awe Man That's Jive Skip
14 Punkgasm

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