There are at least five bands called Pylon..
1. An influential post-punk band from Athens, Georgia, United States
2. A rock band from Wakefield, England
3. An electronica producer from Poland
4. A space rock band from Finland
5. A Doom Metal band from Switzerland

1. Pylon (US)

Pylon is an Alternative Rock band which formed in Athens, Georgia, United States in 1978. For most of the band's career, they consisted of Vanessa Briscoe Hay (vocals), Randall Bewley (guitar), Michael Lachowski (bass) and Curtis Crowe (drums). The group released three albums, "Gyrate" (1980), "Chomp" (1983) and "Chain" (1990).

All four members of Pylon were art students at the University of Georgia in Athens. Guitarist Randall Bewley and bass guitarist Michael Lachowski began playing music and attempting to form a band i...


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