Queen of Siam

Lydia Lunch

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2009, Cherry Red Records

Queen of Siam was Lydia Lunch first solo outing, and many would say her best. After displaying an unrepeatable angst with Teenage Jesus and The Jerks Lydia decided to challenge the world and use her art in another way and in doing so coming across as a psychotic sex-kitten sing along to a warped and jazz-like sound-track. The result is astounding, melodic and seductive yet dark and morbid. A noir-musical. Lydia’s magnificent delivery of words is put to full use here, as the lyrics fall from her mouth like liquid yet still retaining the bite and attitude from her former years. With liner notes from none other than lady herself, Lydia writes a memoir of the Queen of Siam period, using thesame acid wit that is apparent in her cult book, Paradoxia. The original cover is used on this release which has never been on CD before, and included in the liner notes are many rare and unseen pictures.


Disc 1
1 Mechanical Flattery PLAY
2 Gloomy Sunday PLAY
3 Tied and Twist PLAY
4 Spooky PLAY
5 Los Banditos PLAY
6 Atomic Bongos PLAY
7 Lady Scarface PLAY
8 A Cruise to the Moon PLAY
9 Carnival Fat Man PLAY
10 Knives in the Drain PLAY
11 Blood of Tin PLAY

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