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2007, Capitol

Deluxe box set includes all seven classic Radiohead albums released on Parlophone from 1993-2003 (including one live album), repackaged in digipack sleeves featuring the original artwork.

Package includes:
Pablo Honey (1993)
The Bends (1995)
OK Computer (1997)
Kid A (2000)
Amnesiac (2001)
I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings(2001)
Hail To The Thief (2003)


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4 Disc 5 Disc 6 Disc 7
1 You
2 Creep
3 How Do You?
4 Stop Whispering
5 Thinking About You
6 Anyone Can Play Guitar
7 Ripcord
8 Vegetable
9 Prove Yourself
10 I Can't
11 Lurgee
12 Blow Out
13 Creep

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6 reviews

Radiohead-amazing-enough said. If you are a completist radiohead fan, or are looking for gifts for people just getting into the band, this is an excellent idea. Don't forget, though EMI is a money-grubbing land shark, the band will still get paid for any box-sets sold. Most of my albums are scratched and falling apart, so this isn't a bad idea for me...
Dustin Huth
Radiohead is here to remind us that we are aliens, and that Earth only exists to create music. all other aspects of life and death exist solely to facilitate the creation of music.
andrew wragg
This is a superb collection. However it is not ANYTHING to do with the band. EMI are releasing this only to make money on the back of the release of In Rainbows, which was released by Radiohead THEMSELVES. This is the most creative and original band in the history of modern music, so i'd be a fool to say that this wouldnt be worth purchasing. Just bear in mind that this was released behind Radioheads back. Not that they care!! ha ha EMI
Tim Q
Are you kidding?! Who doesn't own this already. Radiohead is the best band ever. From Pablo Honey to In Rainbows. Their music is the soundtrack to my adult life. Ever changing yet somehow the same when it comes to meeting me at different points in life. Yeah, I own these individual albums, but won't mind getting this new box set as gifts for friends.
Attalla Hesham
In my humble High-End sound system, all seven CDs are far better reproduced than ever.
The digipac format is always an elegant casing for the CD.
This is an excellent package, compact and robust
For sure it shall take a deserved side in the Radiohead corner, neighbouring the Vinyl releases
Just beautiful all are alongside the In rainbows CD and Vinyl LP.

Hesham, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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