In 1993, a young Radioninactive began showing up at The Good Life Cafe, a health food store in south central LA which hosted a weekly competitive showcase for hip hop artists. The Good Life became a catalyst for the (largely under-reported) early 90's underground hip hop Renaissance in LA. Radioinactive went on to form the Log Cabin Crew with (pre-Living Legends) Murs, Eligh and Scarub and the seminal West Coast Workforce with Subtitle (GSL). He started recording four track stuff with MCs Circus and AWOL One that would later become classics of the OG space-hop Shapeshifters. From The Planet of the Shapes (1997) and Know Future to their most recent release Shapeshifters Was Here (2005) on the Cornerstone R.A.S. label, Radioinactive has been a core member of the Shapeshifters.

Radio's distinctive delivery and humor first charmed the hear...



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