Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine

Vinyl LP

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2009, Music on Vinyl

VINYL FORMAT. Dutch 180g audiophile reissue of the classic 1992 album! 'The Self-Titled album began life as a 12 track "demo" that was recorded in LA in 1991 prior to the band ever playing live. It wasn't long before Rage started on their local gigging circuit and being the entrepreneurs they are, they sold cassette versions of this demo for $5 a pop. It turns out that even before they had a label they sold 5,000 copies which can cost you $200 each to buy these days through eBay. This initial success caused a MASSIVE bidding war between most of the major record labels, and for their own reasons, Rage Against the Machine decided to make Epic Records their home. As is the story when any successful independent band signs to a major, the fans thought that as Epic was owned by the Sony Corporation that this record deal would see the start of a sell out Rage Against the Machine. The band retorted stating that a major record deal was the only way that they could successfully spread their revolutionary message.

"Killing in the Name" was the first of four singles ["Killing in the Name," "Freedom," "Bombtrack" and "Bullet in the Head"] released from this album and instantaneously almost became a calling card for the Rage Against the Machine message. Unbelievably, "Killing in the Name" only actually contains six lines of lyrics and amongst that the word fuck is used 17 times! What made Rage Against the Machine popular amongst fans and press alike was the sheer attack of Zack de la Rocha's lyrical content and delivery coupled with the sheer "out there" approach that Tom Morello brought to his guitar work. Both were like nothing anyone had ever heard before and since. In a world (at the time) where heavily distorted guitar chords were the staple diet, Rage Against the Machine's approach, riffs and lyrical content was revolutionary. They weren't singing self important nonsense about how they hate themselves and want to die. They were sticking it to the man. . . HARD.' - Altsounds


Disc 1
1 Bombtrack
2 Killing in the Name
3 Take the Power Back
4 Settle for Nothing
5 Bullet in the Head
6 Know Your Enemy
7 Wake Up
8 Fistful of Steel
9 Township Rebellion
10 Freedom

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