Record Washer System MKII (Standard Package)

Spin Clean

Cleaning Kit

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2010, 2 Channel Distribution

The Spin-Clean System comes with the Record Washer, a four ounce bottle of Record Cleaning Concentrate, one pair of Washer Brushes, one pair of Washer Rollers, one pair of Drying Cloths and instructions (in the lid).

Using the Spin-Clean system is easy. Simply mix the record cleaning solution with water in the tank, rotate the record through the solution and a pair of record brushes located on each side scrub the record clean, then remove the record, place on flat surface and wipe dry with the drying cloth, flip over and wipe dry the other side.

Keep that vinyl nice and clean son!

Customer Reviews


2 reviews

Kory Mazur
Very easy to deep clean your records without worrying about scratching your precious vinyls. I could noticeably tell a difference visually and hearing. I could also see the dirt and dust come off the records the Spin Clean Record Washer System is amazing 5 stars!
Robert Nikitopoulos
Unless you have hundreds of dollars to throw at one of the big machines. this is the way to go. This unit is not only very affordable, but easy to use and it does a excelent job on cleaning vinyl. It can be used for 12, 10 & 7 inch records. Replacing rollers and brushes is easy and along with drying cloths and cleaning solution also affordable to keep the unit working properly.

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