The Recoys

Vinyl LP

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2003, Troubleman Unlimited

VINYL FORMAT. Although three of the musicians in The Walkmen once played in the mid-90s indie band Jonathan Fire*Eater, few people know about THE RECOYS, the Boston/NYC band that Walkmen singer/guitarist Hamilton Leithauser and bassist Pete Bauer played in for four years (the RECOYS drummer Hugh McIntosh recently joined the French Kicks). During The Recoys' career, they released only one EP, but they had recorded a number of other songs in preparation for an eventual LP. Troubleman is now releasing the three songs from the out-of-print EP "The Recoys" and the five unreleased tracks recorded for what would have been their follow-up full-length, "That Girl's a Decoy." (Due to lack of funding and interest, this album never materialized while the band was together.) Two songs from this album, "That's the Punchline" and "The Blizzard of '93," were even reworked by the Walkmen for their 2002 album "Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone." We guarantee fans of the WALKMEN and FRENCH KICKS will wet themselves over this release. This is a special VINYL ONLY release, and will be pressed in a limited edition pressing, so hurry!


Disc 1
1 Song on the Paper Dolls
2 Shake Off Your Nerve
3 Over Your Shoulder
4 That's the Punchline
5 Let You In
6 Blizzard of '93
7 Let's Get Educated
8 Modern Art Museum
9 Look Out Your Window
10 Roy Orbison
11 Recoys

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