Remember When

The Orwells

Vinyl LP

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2012, Autumn Tone Records

VINYL FORMAT. The Orwells. Still in high school, the Chicago band has been bashing out rock n roll together since middle school. They know their shit. Steeped in the Stooges, Replacements and Ramones, the band came of age in the late '00s just as the Black Lips, King Khan, Harlem and Ty Segall began garnering national attention. The collective effect was nothing short of a sort of clarion call - one that rang out, piercing suburban high school hallways and hangouts.


Disc 1
1 Lays At Rest
2 Mallrats (La La La)
3 Halloween All Year
4 All The Cool Kids
5 Suspended
6 Painted Faces and Long Hair
7 Hallway Homicide
8 In My Bed
9 Never Ever
10 Like No One Else
11 Ancient Egypt
12 Under The Flowers

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Eddie O''Keefe
The best teenage garage-punk album in years. Scratch that -- the best album in years.

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