Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack

Various Artists

Vinyl LP

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2012, Geffen

VINYL FORMAT. "Resevoir Dogs is the pulp novel I always wanted to write. Although the story is very much present day, it has a '50s feel but I used music from the '70s. In one scene, the audience learns that a local radio station is hosting a Super '70s weekend and that's why I am using and referencing the bubblegum music that was popular during that period. I found that the music was a terrific counterpoint to the action on screen." – Quentin Tarantino


Disc 1
1 Steven Wright - "And Now, Little Green Bag..."
2 The George Baker Selection - "Little Green Bag"
3 Steven Wright - "Rock Flock of Five"
4 Blue Swede - "Hooked on a Feeling"
5 Steven Wright - "Bohemiath"
6 Joe Tex - "I Gotcha"
7 Bedlam - "Magic Carpet Ride"
8 "Madonna Speech"
9 Sandy Rogers - "Fool for Love"
10 Steven Wright - "Super Sounds"
11 Stealers Wheel - "Stuck in the Middle With You"
12 Bedlam - "Harvest Moon"
13 "Let's Get a Taco"
14 Steven Wright - "Keep On Truckin'"
15 Harry Nilsson - "Coconut"
16 Steven Wright - "Home of Rock"

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