The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Vinyl 2xLP

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2014, Cargo Records

VINYL FORMAT. Revelation is the first album that was fully recorded and produced at Anton’s recording studio in Berlin . It is the 14th full length release from the Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded from late 2012 to early 2014. With Anton Newcombe refining the 13 tracks that appear on the album Featuring Ricky Maymi an original member of the band plays on this album. It also features Joachim Alhund (Les Big Byrds) , Constatine Karlis (Dimmer), & Ryan Van Kriedt (Asteroid #4) . Plus vocal performance in Swedish by Joachim Alhund (Les Big Byrds) on the opening track .


Disc 1
1 Vad hands med deem
2 What You Isn't
3 Unknown
4 Memory Camp
5 Days, Weeks, and Moths
6 Duck and Cover
7 Food for Clouds
8 Second Sighting
9 Memorymix
10 Fist Full of Bees
11 Nightbird
12 Xibalba
13 Goodbye (Butterfly)

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