Ride to Die

Daughters Of The Sun

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2014, Not Not Fun

Minneapolis torn-leather psychedelicists Daughters of the Sun cop a tripped deathless vibe on their fourth and most far-gone full-length, Ride to Die. Severed by distance (singer / guitarist Nick Koenigs transplanted to LA), and pulled omni-directionally by other projects (Koenigs as Filthy Huns, percussionist Bennett Johnson and multi-instrumentalist Collin Gorman Weiland in Dreamweapon), the trio transmutes these tolls into seven of their best badlands kosmosis interstate benders yet taped.

The disintegrated chemistry of dirt-road hunts like “Desert Grave” or “Sater’s Ghost” sounds ingrained but reborn, bruised engines re-revving to life. Highway synth rhythms flutter between motorcycle riffs and pummeling war drums, evoking landscapes harboring psychic venom, a spirit bleaching the grease-stained sand. Moments of survivor wisdom burn, too—the burned lope of “Lonely at the Top,” the rainstorm techno pulsing under “Fly By,” the 4:20 fatal vision intro to “Reigns of Iron”—as the LP pushes past their previous recordings into some unknown wrecked horsepower zone.


Disc 1
1 Werewolves on Wheels
2 Ride to Die
3 Desert Grave
4 Lonely at the Top
5 Fly By
6 Sater's Ghost
7 Reigns of Iron

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