Robbie Basho

Born on August 31, 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland, he became an orphan in his early childhood and was adopted by Dr Donald R. Robinson and his wife, and grew up as Daniel R. Robinson jr.with a very typical middle-class childhood and youth. He spent his early years, up through high school, in Baltimore attending catholic schools run by nuns. At the high school level, he went to a military school and then on to the University of Maryland, where he was a premed student. He was athletic -playing lacrosse, doing weight lifting and other sports; he sang in school choirs and played the trumpet. After his junior year at the University of Maryland he bought his century-aged mexican 12string from a sailor for §200 and discovered every possible music, classical music, bluegrass, oriental, improvisations on Bing Crosby... He became a beatnik, became in...



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