Robedoor is the duo of Alex: slime, knives and distortion, and Notnotfun label head honcho Britt on fire, howls and cloaks...?Hmmm... but what does all that mean, sonically? Well, precisely what you might imagine. A blackened drone drenched world of slime and knives and fire, dense clouds of distorted howls, a thick cloak of fuzz and buzz wrapped around the proceedings like a thick, well, cloak! Actually this is a lot prettier than you might imagine. That is, if your idea of pretty includes tons of low end and a world of slow motion doomdrone. They make huge growling, glowing slabs of slow shifting low end. Slowed down riffs and long dark streaks of moaning sound, some sort of improbable mix of SUNNO))) and Skullflower. Or the gloomiest doomiest Wolf Eyes record played manually, pulling it around with your finger, a constantly fluctuating...



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