Rose Melberg

Rose Melberg is an American musician and songwriter who has sung and played guitar as a member of Tiger Trap, The Softies and Go Sailor as well as on her own material.

Straight out of a Sacramento high school, Rose Melberg entered the indiepop 7-inch scene in 1992 with her first of many successful bands, Tiger Trap. Crunchy guitars and punk attitudes couldn't hide Rose's velvet voice and painfully-honest lyrics, and the all-girl foursome quickly became stars of a burgeoning indiepop/punk movement centered around Olympia, WA, and record labels like K and Kill Rock Stars. Too good to last, Tiger Trap split after their second U.S. tour, leaving one classic album and an EP on K Records. Wondrously prolific, Rose quickly teamed with uber-fan Jen Sbragia to form the The Softies, possibly her best-known project. With just two guitars and two...


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