Royal Headache

Royal Headache

Vinyl LP

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2012, What's Your Rupture

VINYL FORMAT. People have dubbed them "motown inspired garage" or even "rock 'n' soul", but fear not this isn't your blatant 60's revivalism or festival friendly gimmick rock. Royal Headache are a punk band! A very good punk band, with an actual singer and the ability to write timeless pop songs. In an era where we're bombarded by one dimensional summertime pop, ironic or "clever" made up electro-cross- genres and disenfranchised too-hip-for-the-audience wayfarer rock, a band that communicates real human emotion like Royal Headache do is essential. A full length LP, recorded by Mikey Young (of Eddy Current)


Disc 1
1 Never Again
2 Really In Love
3 Surprise
4 Psychotic Episode
5 Girls
6 Two Kinds Of Love
7 Back And Forth
8 Down The Lane
9 Distant And Vague
10 Wilson Street
11 Honey Joy
12 Pity

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