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S PRCSS is a Philadelphia-based trio that has been making music since 1996. Also known as S Process, the band is made up of guitarist Bob Doto, drummer Daneil Mazone, and keyboardist/guitarist Julian Greffe (the band has had a rotating group of bassists for live shows). Both Bob and Daniel offer vocals. Members have often been in separate cities (such as Providence and Boulder in addition to Philadelphia) due to academic commitments.

Releases include 2001's More Me and 2003's MNML (both on French Kiss Records) and 2004's Taste Like Daughter (on My Pal God). Often lumped in with dancepunk bands from the Northeast at the turn of the 21st century, their sound often times tends to be more eclectic than that label would hint towards. MNML in particular was well received, earning an 8.3 rating by Pitchfork.

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