Sailors With Wax Wings

Sailors With Wax Wings is an experimental project from Denton, Texas, United States formed in 2009.

Hallucinations in red rooms with white spaces on the wall. The specter of Stephen Crane haunts the spaces. And the room. And the mind of Pyramids creator R. Loren, who has given flight to yet another stereophonic masterpiece, this time under the moniker Sailors With Wax Wings. The tale of its genesis has at least a few details in common with the following:

A musical path is born anew under sheets of soft lightning and distant thunder, beneath the heat strobes of the thick Texas night. What hisses slowly behind creaking doors reveals itself after a season of deliberate recombination. The atmosphere boils and dilates; instruments and voices soar skyward toward transcendence. The clouds lapse and disintegrate like the frayed fabric of R....


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