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2013, FatCat Records

VINYL FORMAT. New York City’s Forest Fire, led by vocalist/songwriter Mark Thresher, return this fall with Screens. With their third full-length, Forest Fire - now the quartet of Thresher, Natalie Stormann, Galen Bremer, and Robert Pounding - have found it. “It” has been hinted at in previous releases - e.g. the howling languor of “Slow Motion”, from the band’s debut Survival (named Rough Trade Shops’ top album of the year for 2010), or vitreous midtempo dejection ballad “The News” from 2011’s FatCat-issued Staring at the X (“You won’t get far,” Thresher sang, “with that look in your eyes”) - but Screens is pure lightning. After some lineup adjustments that left the band leaner and more centered, Forest Fire partnered with engineer Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Dirty Beaches) - the first time they’d worked with an outside engineer in a proper studio - to uncoil sonic possibilities they’d before only touched on, and to enable their new songs to breathe and stretch out.

That stretching out is quite literal in the case of album centerpiece “Annie,” an elevenminute track that is wide but not sprawling, buoyed by motorik lope and ornate synths, grounded by vocal spits and hisses. The song exemplifies the atmosphere of a record that the band acknowledges owes a debt to the late ‘70s output of not only Kraftwerk but Yoko Ono, Joy Division, Laurie Anderson, and their ilk; Sandy Skoglund’s iconic 1977 photograph Pink Sink is the cover.

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Matthew Stillman
Dreamy sounding music with intentionally low-fi production values. But the music and lyrics still have intelligence, purpose and direction.

This is the first of Forest Fire that I have heard but it feels both familiar and new at the same time. I don't listen to lots of new music but I am glad that this crossed my path.

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